Top 5 Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquaponics

best plants for Betta fish aquaponics

Betta fish are among the most common fishes for aquaponics systems. They can adapt to various environments, and they are quite forgiving. Obviously, their environment must represent their natural lifestyle. These fish tend to live in heavily planted areas, and despite most misconceptions, they do require lots of space to survive – ignore what most people in pet shops tell you about them. Now, what are the best plants for Betta fish aquaponics?

Amazon sword

The Amazon sword has wide and long leaves – exactly what Betta fish like to see around. However, it is not that easy to look for – a few rules are mandatory. Most importantly, keep in mind that this plant can reach three feet in height or even more. Therefore, it may not always be the best choice for a small tank. They are suitable for large tanks with lots of fish.

Other than that, it needs to be rooted quite deeply – a few inches. Otherwise, the large and heavy leaves may take it out. On a more positive note, these plants are rich in nutrients and make a good option to keep your fish happy. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Amazon sword requires plenty of light, so the environment must be well exposed to direct sunlight.

amazon sword

Marimo moss balls

These moss balls are beautiful and attractive – they can make excellent decorations for your tank. They are quite interesting – in fact, they are normally categorized as algae. There is not much to worry about, as they will not invade your space. They usually live on lakes around Europe, where the constant exposure to currents and wind will give them a round shape. They prefer relatively cool environments, but they can survive and live well at most temperatures under 75 degrees F. They also need high-quality water to survive.

Other than that, Betta fish love marimo moss balls – other species also find them attractive. Most fish will use them as resting spots. It is worth noting that they may change their shape in the long run. After all, there are no natural currents around your tank. Therefore, keeping them in a spherical shape could be tricky, so they are likely to flatten. Caring for them is not that difficult, and the light requirements are relatively low.

Marimo moss balls

Water sprite

The water sprite is easy to look after and requires moderate levels of light. It is categorized as a fern and makes a good addition. Some experts would refer to such an environment as a Betta fish playground because they simply love to hang around their leaves. While they can take low levels of light, they do better with extra light. They also grow quite fast, so they can sponge nutrients out of water at a high speed – a bit of an issue sometimes, but easy to keep under control. In terms of planting them, you can hook them into the bed or simply let them float around the water. When left floating, it gives Betta fish the extra hiding places.

Although the water sprite has a fast growing rate, it is easy to trim and keep at an optimal size. You need to make a few cuttings by the base of the stem. Get rid of the leaves, so you can prevent rotting in the long run. All in all, the plant is easy to look after and looks good, meaning it is a good choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Ceratopteris thalictroides (Water Sprite) Lace Fern


Anacharis is one of the best plants for Betta fish aquaponics for a few different reasons. It has a bright green appearance that will draw some attention. Plus, it can prevent the growth of algae in your system. Since they can create lots of shade, your fish will love hiding around it. Just like other plants, it can be planted or left floating on the surface of the water.

If there is one thing to complain about, that is the fact that the plant grows at a slow rate. Besides that, it loves having lots of light. If light levels are not sufficient, it will drop its leaves. This is the first sign that something is wrong, so you will need to bring in more light.



You simply cannot go wrong with pennywort – it grows under or above the surface of the water. It is easy to look after and lighting requirements are quite low, making it one of the best plants for Betta fish aquaponics.

The plant is also edible, so you can use it in your salads. It covers surfaces relatively fast, so it provides plenty of shade for your fish. Given its quick growth, make sure it does not take your tank over.


Bottom line, these are some of the most common and best plants for Betta fish aquaponics. While the list can go further than that, chances are your fish will thrive in such an environment.

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