Growing Oregano in Aquaponics – Knowing the Essential Requirements

oregano in aquaponics

Undoubtedly, oregano is one of the famous herbs used in different cuisines and pain-relieving remedies. Interestingly, it is also easy to grow it in aquaponics, the new way of cultivation without soil or much sunlight. This post shares the essential requirements for cultivating oregano in aquaponics.  

Seed Germination

To get started, you should choose from three oregano varieties namely, seeds, transplants, or cuttings. Most people prefer using seeds, as it is the easiest way to cultivate oregano in aquaponics. Growing this herb using cuttings is also hassle-free. 

You can sow the seeds directly into the set system amidst 15 degrees Centigrade in spring. Alternatively, you can sow in grow media starter cubes six weeks prior to transplantation. It is also possible to germinate indoors six weeks before the previous frost.

It takes around 8 to 14 days for oregano seeds to germinate, although this duration can even be less than 7 days in the case of exclusive propagation media like Rockwool or Oasis cubes with good ability to retain moisture.

It is essential to keep these starters where there is enough sunlight for germination. When the saplings grow up to six inches, consider thinning by discarding the fragile or ailing saplings. If you choose cuttings for propagation, you get the benefits of more consistent taste and less growing time.

The Most Conducive Hydroponic Setup

A hydroponic system is technology-driven and does not need soil. This means that you can use it anywhere, even in your basement. This system is basically a hydroponic fertilizer provider to the plants.

If you are growing oregano at home, consider setting up a small ebb-and-flow system. In the case of the former, the plants are usually in plastic pots in a submerging table under which a reservoir exists. A timer is installed to flood the roots with water rich in nutrients while removing the waste.

A hydroponic nutrient mix for oregano is available in any horticultural store. You can then dissolve it in water according to the instructions on its packaging.


Oregano loves sunlight. Thus, hydroponic oregano grown outdoors requires full sunlight. Thus, the ideal place to grow it is where there is full sunlight.

However, you can even grow oregano in aquaponics set indoors. In this case, you will need to set up grow lights such as compact fluorescent, T5 fluorescent lamps for plants, or high-intensity lights.

Fortunately, oregano can survive icy temperatures.


For growing hydroponic oregano, it is essential to maintain a pH level between 6 and 8. To measure this rating, you will need to invest in a quality pH meter.

If the pH level drops below or rises higher than the suggested range, it will result in a water imbalance. This can be problematic for your otherwise fertile hydroponic system.

The pH level is likely to go below 4 once the growth duration is about to get over. This is unsuitable for nutrient absorption. Thus, it is wise to restock the reservoir with a nutrient solution so that the ideal growing conditions are maintained.

At the same time, ensure that overwatering does not occur. This is because hydroponic herbs prefer a low watering level, as too much wetness can cause root rot and other infections.


With these requirements, you can begin growing oregano in your aquaponic system.

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