Parsley in Aquaponics – Factors and Considerations

Go to any home, and you will find parsley in the kitchen. Why? Parsley is a popular kitchen ingredient that also has many benefits. Most people are reluctant to grow their parsley on soil due to the cumbersome nature of soil farming. The only option is getting it from a nearby store.

Did you know that you can grow parsley in aquaponics? Think of the benefits. There is no need for soil, you can rear fish, you won’t need grocery trips, the produce will be fresh all along, and a lot more. You probably are wondering what you need to do to yield a good crop? Keep reading.

Why should you grow parsley in an aquaponic garden?

There are several varieties of parsley you may choose to grow. There are more bitter ones, flavorful, large leaf varieties, and frilly garnishing varieties. Parsley is regarded as one of the most potent plants to fight diseases. It offers high nutritional value and overall health benefits. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, potassium, and folate. Parsley can offer the body antioxidants and supports bone health. It helps fight cancer, and some of its nutrients are vital for eye protection.

Factors and Considerations


Parsley is affordable, and the seeds germinate 3-4 weeks after planting. When planting, you will need to space the parsley 15-30cm apart. The yield will be more significant as the crops will not compete for nutrients. You can grow parsley amidst other crops like tomato and asparagus. The soil you use to grow your parsley needs an EC range of 0.8-1.8.

The pH requirements

Parsley will thrive well in an environment with a pH range between 6-7.

Temperature and sunlight

Parsley is tolerant to wide temperature ranges but to optimally grow, maintain a temperature of around 60-80 degrees F. Additionally, make sure to grow parsley where it is exposed to sunlight for at least 5 hours daily. If the sun is too hot, have some shading for the parsley.



After the seedlings have started to display true leaves, your first parsley harvest should happen 5-6 weeks later. You can harvest parsley twice like chives. You will need to use a harvesting knife or shears and cut the crop 2-3 inches away from the growth medium. This will allow for the rest of the plant to keep growing.

You can be ready for another harvest in 3 weeks. If parsley is in a very healthy aquaponic system, it can yield highly.


Pests on parsley are rare, but at times aphids may be evident.

Final Thoughts

Parsley is a high-value crop that is not very demanding. That is why it will do well in aquaponics gardens. However, if you choose to grow parsley in aquaponics, there are vital factors that need to be monitored. Remember, the entities of the whole system- fish and crops depend on one another. If one fails, the other one is bound to fail or not thrive accordingly.

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