Carrots in Aquaponics – Everything You Need to Know

carrots in aquaponics

A self-sustainable aquaponics system will allow you to breed fish and grow plants together, without too much effort from your side. Basically, the fish waste feeds the plants, while plants filter the water for fish. While this concept is often associated with leafy vegetables, the truth is you can also grow ornamental plants or other types of vegetables – carrots make no exception either.

Carrots in aquaponics might be a bit of a challenge for a newbie, but the system is relatively simple to set and look after.

What you need to grow carrots in aquaponics

There are a few things you will need to grow carrots in aquaponics and it all starts with a proper system. Once you have the system, you will need growing media for your carrots, as well as a pH testing kit to ensure your plants and fish have the right type of water. Some pH altering chemicals may also be needed if the level is not alright.

Other than that, based on the carrot requirements, you will need cool water fish – lots of options there. Finally, some seaweed extract will also help in the process, yet it is not mandatory. Now, how do you set everything up?

Steps to follow to grow carrots in aquaponics

In theory, growing carrots in aquaponics is like growing any other type of vegetable in such a system. You will need an aquaponics kit – you can get it from garden centers or perhaps online stores. You can also come up with your own system, but setting up a kit is much easier. It will come with everything you need – more suitable if this is the first time you run an aquaponic system.

If you do get a kit, bring it home and install it according to the instructions. Choose a place for it. The size and design will differ from one company to another. Generally speaking, you will get the traditional fish tank and a grow bed, as well as pumps and other small bits.

Get the growing media and install it in the growing bed. There are more options here. Gravel or hydroton make good choices. Generally speaking, you need something that allows the roots to grip onto something.

Next, fill the tank with water. Test the pumps to ensure that everything works accordingly. You need the water to circulate for the system to work. The pH test kit – purchasable from most garden centers – will help you analyze the pH level of the water. Normally, it should be about seven. If the pH level is over 7.2, get a pH lowering product and treat it. If it is under 6.8, use a similar product to raise it. Such things can normally be found in pet supply stores or aquarium stores.

If you use tap water, you should let the water sit for a day or two, only to ensure the chemical is gone. Bring the fish in. Normally, you should use one half inch of fish for each gallon. The density of the fish may increase later on. Stick to cool water fish – trout is great if you also want to eat the fish, but koi is just as good if you are after ornamental fish. The temperature must be kept around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wait for a month before planting the carrots. Start with a few seeds and go from there. You can harvest once the carrots are the size of your finger.


Bottom line, growing carrots in aquaponics is relatively simple if you follow a few general rules. Aquaponics systems are often about trial and error, so you will also need to make occasional adjustments based on how the system works.

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