Peas in Aquaponics – A Guide to Effectively Growing Peas in Aquaponics

peas in aquaponics

Peas belong to the legume family since they are the plants that produce seeds inside pods. Peas are part of the human diet and for many years, they have been consumed all over the world. With the rising need for health-conscious produce and even as part of hobby creation and development, many people have resulted into aquaponics gardening. One of the main crops grown in aquaponics is peas. Growing peas in aquaponics comes with an environmentally friendly ecosystem that gives produce with a nutritional value. In this article, we discuss pea farming in aquaponics systems.

Nutritional value of aquaponics peas

Considerations for growing peas in aquaponics

The Aquaponics system design

Depending on your purpose for cultivation, small or large-scale production, choose an ideal aquaponics design. Deciding on a system will help you set up the grow bed and fish tank accordingly. Raft systems are great for large-scale farming while flood and drain are ideal for small-scale peas growing.

Nitrate and Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Compared to other aquaponics crops, peas mainly rely on systems rich in nutrients. As you grow aquaponics peas, you will be required to keep track of their Nitrate and EC often to ensure that they receive adequate nutrients.

Best fish types

You need to establish the favorable fish types to use. Remember, the peas will depend on the fish for their nutrients. Common fish breeds used are tilapia and goldfish. These types are less expensive. You should stock them according to the density of your fish tank. Goldfish are not consumed and that is why they are ideal. They will greatly excrete and offer the peas a lot of nitrates. Tilapia is edible but it is also an easy fish type to breed. It can withstand different water conditions and the fish does not need extra care.

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Light and Temperature conditions

Peas will usually flourish excellently under natural or artificial light. They however grow faster when exposed to full sunlight. Expose them to the sun for at least 6 hours in a day. At night, maintain a steady temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius. During the day keep the temperature at 22-26 degrees Celsius.

The pH Requirements

It is vital that you keep the pH and temperature requirements for the plants and fish around the same levels. The closer the two matches, the greater the success. The best pea cultivation will require a pH of between 5.5-7.

Final Thoughts

Growing peas in aquaponics is a rather smart decision for gardeners. They are an easy crop to grow and do not need a lot of expertise. For those that have been looking to use aquaponics for pea cultivation, or those that are already into it, remember to put the factors mentioned above into consideration.

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