Cucumbers in Aquaponics – Ideal Choice for Farmers

cucumber and aquaponics

Aquaponics systems are widely used because they lead to the fast growth of plants without using soil. Growing cucumbers in aquaponics are ideal because cucumbers need an environment that contains nitrogen nutrients. This system has an abundant supply of nitrates or nitrogen nutrients that foster rapid growth.

Process of Planting Cucumbers in Aquaponics Systems

You can grow cucumber seeds and then transplant the seedlings to the aquaponics systems once there are three-four leaves in the plant. The growth of cucumbers in aquaponics is very fast. You can cut the apical tips to restrict the growth of the plant. The tips can be cut when the stem is 2 meters long. You should ensure that there is sufficient aeration in the system to prevent foliar diseases.

The temperature of the system should be maintained at 21 degrees Celsius because cucumber plants want a humid environment. Also, ensure that they get natural sunlight. You should also provide artificial light to cucumber plants for a minimum of 18 hours.

A superior quality pH meter should be used because cucumbers require a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 along with potassium and nitrogen. The number of plants should also be according to the pH level. Cucumbers take around 55 to 65 days to grow in aquaponics systems. Once one batch of cucumbers has matured, you should harvest them. This would encourage the next batch to grow properly.

It is easy to grow cucumbers in aquaponics as they are leafy plants and have large roots. You should take care that you should not plant them near plumbing parts because there are chances that roots might block the pipes. You should also keep in mind that cucumbers require a lot of nutrients. Also you should not plant cucumbers near other plants in aquaponics systems because they can starve other plants.

Advantages of growing cucumbers in aquaponics

Organic and healthy

The cucumbers grown in aquaponics systems are genuinely organic and full of nutrition. They do not contain any pesticides as they are grown in a chemical-free and natural environment. Hence, they are not contaminated.

Round the year production

Another benefit is that you can grow cucumbers all through the year. You can create the essential conditions and regulate temperatures for healthy growth. Weather conditions do not affect growth.

Less water consumption

When grown in aquaponics systems, they require less water. There is no wastage of water as the water used in these systems is recycled.

No weeding

In these systems, you do not have to bother about the problem of weeding. As there is no usage of soil, there is no weeding too. There may be unwanted sprouts in some cucumber plants in some cases, which you can remove easily.

Fast growth

Cucumbers grow faster because they get the necessary nutrients and natural fertilizers all through the day. A constant water supply also results in accelerated cucumber growth.

Thus, the aquaponics system serves as the best option for growing healthy cucumbers as they are completely organic.

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